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Dig In North West is a team

Our team is made up of people from the military community - both serving and veteran, and our families. We are here to support each other through challenging times and celebrate good times.


We are based in a walled garden within a local park although there is no public access to our site. However, this is about much more than gardening.


The idea is simple

People get together and do something practical that benefits both themselves and serves others - and maybe also helps a team-mate through a tough time.


You can come here to garden; growing plants in the greenhouse for us to sell, or food in the garden to share with the group. You can learn a new practical skill such as carpentry, photography or stonemasonry. You can go fishing or out on various trips.  


Or you can come and just relax with others who have served - sharing some tea, toast and a chat.  


As well as doing activities within the walls of our garden, there is also the opportunity to engage with the local community - be that at events or through working with small community groups.  Take a look at some of the Projects we have taken part in.

Dig In - two years down the road...

In May 2012, Donna Rowe Green - a Horticultural Therapist and wife of a veteran -  had an idea.


She wanted to take the idea of a Therapeutic Garden for Military Veterans, that already exists in some parts of the country, and bring it to Lancashire.


Read the full story of our garden's creation here or click play on the video above to see where we are now.

We are not a talking therapy

You will rarely hear anyone going into detail about the effects of their service.  Instead you will hear banter, laughter and genuine camaraderie - plus, of course, the ever boiling kettle! For anyone who does feel that couselling would help, we are always happy to help you find the right professional services and support you in accessing that.


This project is not about the garden, it is about you  

If you are interested in joining our team, just give us a call 07810 128019, or email us at info@diginnorthwest.org.