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Apparently, this is where the 'real' work happens...


Within less than a year of opening this 'gardening' project, it became clear that it was not what most veterans wanted to get involved with - hence the introduction of the mancave.  What started out as a 10'x12' shed, soon became a 20'x7' container... and now we are fundraising to create a large, purpose built mancave.  


Within the mancave our team create the most imaginative, quirky items, from squirrel feeders to dining room chairs.  These are sold in order to help fund the work we do here at Dig In, and keeps our service free to all who attend.


This workshop is run by one of our veterans who joined us in 2014.  He became a member of staff in 2015 and now runs a very productive and laughter fuelled workshop.  He once said,


"I never thought I would work again, now I have a job that I love."


The great thing about the mancave is that not only can people learn new skills within the workshop and share their own knowledge with others, but they can be part of the outreach work even if they are not yet ready to leave the site.  


Many things built by the team can now be seen in various parts of Preston and beyond, including the National Memorial Arboretum in Lichfield, where one of our planters can be seen at the entrance to the visitor centre.

The Man cave

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