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Read all about it! Get the Dig In Annual Report

By diginnorthwest, Feb 24 2015 10:33PM

We are delighted to have published our first official Annual Report, containing a wealth of information about our Community Interest Company, the Dig In garden, our activities and supporters. We do have hard copies available but you're also able to download a version here. Please take a look and share with anyone you think would like to learnmore about what we're doing to support the North West military community.


There's always something going on...

We're a pretty busy bunch here at Dig In North West.  As a not-for-profit organisation, we're constantly looking to raise the profile of the  great things we're involved with - both in and out of the garden.


We use this page to share the latest news on events, our endless pursuit of funding and other exciting tidbits. Keep checking back here for updates. You can keep up with us on Facebook too and Twitter too!

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